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9 Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes| Pranava Baby |2021-2022

9 Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes |2021-2022

What are Organic Baby Clothes?

When you hear the word organic, what comes to your mind? You think of pure, soft, and fresh! We, at Pranava, are here to offer our fine organic cotton collection for your child. Organic cotton means grown in a chemical-free environment, less water usage, maintained soil health and energy-saving methods which eliminates all the health/skin-related concerns to ensure your baby wears the safest clothes possible.

9 Benefits: Why Choose Organic Baby Clothes?

Once a couple becomes a parent, they always choose the best for their little one. Be it food, skincare products, clothing or toysand as parents you will ensure that you pass on the best healthy habits to your family.

Now that you are aware of what is organic cotton for babies, let us understand the benefits of them and why every parent must be aware of it to opt for more conscious buying for their little babies:

Here are 9 reasons to choose organic baby clothes:

1. Your child’s sensitive skin will be protected

Baby’s skin is extremely soft, sensitive and loses moisture very easily compared to adult skin. You might notice how easily the skin turns pink when you touch them or massage them and often they end up feeling uncomfortable and getting rashes due to weather or irritable fabric. Hence, we highly recommend opting for our organic baby clothes that will help your child play and sleep in peace.

2. Eco-friendly choices

Kudos to all those parents who opt for a sustainable lifestyle religiously! You are definitely going to consider eco-friendly options for your babies too. Because the process of growing organic cotton and manufacturing protects our worker’s health and environment too and hence Pranava couldn’t be happier to have our backstage heroes work tirelessly to ensure your baby lives free of chemicals which in return saves our little planet too!

3. No Chemical – No Dyes

Organic clothing chooses to stay far away from toxic dyes, bad chemicals, and harsh treatments! Without a doubt, any parent can just opt for organic clothing that puts extra efforts to keep your fabric safe and skin-friendly for your delicate little one.

4. Comfort Comfort Comfort

Pranava is known for its comfort & fabric! The material is so breathable and soft, that your child will always feel relaxed and comfortable in these outfits. Even if it’s hot outside, your baby will be smiling.

5. Durable

Imagine your baby’s wardrobe is filled with 100% organic clothing! You don’t have to worry about clothes getting worn out, as all our clothes are super durable and long-lasting. You can even keep those clothes and use them for your second newborn ;)

6. Saving Money

We make products that make a difference! Our fabric is so durable; you actually get to use it for a longer period of time. Our garments are made for the love of your little ones, and for the love of our planet!

7. Variety & Trends

From embroidered designs, colour pops, embossed designs, cute elements with great designs, we have it all. You will find all cute trends under one roof.

8. Organic For All Age Group

Pranava offers clothes for little boys, little girls, and little older ones too! Keep up with the trend and continue shopping for your grown-up from our collection.

9. Severe skin allergies no more

If your child has had some skin allergies or suffering from eczema, opting for our 100% organic clothes will surely help the baby stay more at ease and feel breathable wearing organic cotton. Especially at night, your child can have a sound sleep.

Pranava is here to help you opt and purchase more of organic cotton baby clothes, blankets, bedding, accessories which will protect your child and you also get to play a huge role in making the whole world a little safer place to live in.

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