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How to choose face mask for yourself?


The face mask which was restricted to industrial & medical industry is now available for everyone due to Covid-19. The earlier very public is using the mask for dust protection mostly in polluted cities but after the spread of this pandemic, the mask is mandatory for everybody who is coming in public places.

But many of you have a question which masks should we go for?? There is a various option like N95, Medical Mask, Cotton mask, Filter cartridge masks etc. Just to make aware all of you explaining some facts about masks to be used by the common public.

To start with the main questions arise which mask will give better protection??

For that 1st thing, you should wear a mask properly. Many people don't know how to wear a mask properly. They just wear it because it's mandatory but if you want to get better out of it then you should get a mask that will cover your nose & mouth properly. 

Which mask should we use??

N95, Medical mask, Cotton mask are basic available options for masks.

N95 Masks -


As the name suggest it is more effective in this pandemic because it can block 95% of tiny particles. At the same time, it is made from polyester & one-time use only. This mask are used in the construction industry to avoid dust particles.

N95 is costlier mask & after each use, you have to buy new mask because most of them are not washable. 

Medical masks -


Medical masks which are another category giving us better protection almost 70-75%. Like N-95 these are one-time use masks only. During a pandemic, many people buy & use it which creates a shortage for health workers who were actually on the battlefield.

As per research medical masks are only for health workers those come in contact with multiple patients on a daily basis. After each use, you have to throw this mask.

Cotton Face masks- 


Cotton masks are the best of all not because it can available easily but it is reusable multiple times. It is giving protection from the virus as much as those masks. You can make it from your old clothes or you can buy them from manufacturers. 

Facemasks are useful for people who are going in public places which gives them better protection from the virus.

Also, the government is promoting cotton masks only for a large population like us.

What is the benefit of using a cotton face mask is -

1st you don't have to buy every time it is like a one-time investment.

2nd you are not polluting your surrounding environment by not throwing the used mask. 

3rd you can design as per your requirements like size, design etc.

To sum up, N-95 & Medical masks are the best masks but costly at the same time. Also, a big quantity of medical waste is generated which creates a major problem for the civic bodies. Water, Land pollution is caused due to this.

All this can be avoided by using Cotton face masks which is cost-effective too.



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