Don't Panic..... Wear Organic !!

How to Dress Up A Baby in Summer At Night |2021-2022

Hello new mommies & daddies, 

While this sounds like a simple question, any new parent knows that it is really tough when it comes to taking care of your delicate ones. 

As summer sets in, there are some simple things you can do to keep your baby comfortable in the heat, especially at night, because who would know better about a good nights sleep than a new parent (Ouch!)

Dress your baby right during summers as your choice of clothing can help keep your baby comfortable in summers.

  1. Prioritize safety, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your little one with Pranava, as we are a certified kids wear company that specializes in making clothes out of 100% organic cotton.

  2. During summer nights make sure you lighten up and don’t layer your baby with thick clothes. 

  3. Thin cotton works really well during summer nights, even short sleeves onesie made out of 100% cotton works. You can check our website for more options for your little ones.

  4. Keep it light and easy breezy, make sure the outfits are breathable. 

  5. Pure cotton clothes are more absorbent than clothes made of synthetic fibers. 

  6. Clothes made out of 100% cotton as cotton is soft and highly absorbent, and it is gentle against a baby’s skin. 

  7. You can also check our short sleeve t-shirt collection which is also made from 100% organic chemical free cotton.

We are specialized in garments, accessories & bath products for babies, children's with 100% organic cotton. All clothing made from Azo-free Eco-friendly dyes.

As by now you must have known that cotton clothes are the best for your toddlers, we couldn’t stress enough on using them, we practice what we preach. Our clothes are not only made from 100% pure organic cotton, we even make sure that the farms are free of harmful pesticides and our dyes and inks are free of harmful agents, which makes us one of the safest clothing options for kids and newborns in India. 

We not only take care of the quality, but we also take care of the designs. If you go through our website you will find incredibly cute outfits designed for your toddlers and we are sure you won’t resist clicking some amazing pictures of your delicate ones for your Instagram ( sharing our Insta Id here just in case @pranavaorganics ) 

Feel free to tag us on Instagram, we would love to see your little ones flaunting their summer looks in Pranava.

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